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“When your only purpose for living is the benefit of others, it is very easy to make the right decision. It is easy because you are very clear about why you are alive” – Lama Zopa Rinpoche


Every day Robina answers questions from people all around the world.

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6 April, 2023

What is meditation?

The Tibetan word for meditation is gom, which translates as “to familiarize,” or “to habituate.” In this sense, meditation is a psychological process of familiarizing …

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Be Your Own Therapist (May 3, 2021)




Ven. Robina is giving teachings via ZOOM unless otherwise indicated.

All times are New York, where she is based, unless they are IN PERSON, in which case they are local, or unless otherwise stated.

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Robina is closely related to the FPMT, teaching the main courses of the Spiritual Program in FPMT centers worldwide and online.

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