We don’t know who anyone is, so don’t judge

Jun 17, 2024



Dear Venerable,


I hope that you are well.


I know that sometimes my mind has a tendency to kind of lean toward being distrustful, so I’m working on that.


There has been a couple of times in the last year or so when I have heard a teacher, whom I look to with respect, state that he has done DMT several times recently, which is a super powerful mind-altering drug.


If you were to drive a car there’s certain rules you have to stick by. Just as when you take robes there’s certain rules one must stick by. I am open to seeing things differently and will continue checking up.


Much love,




Good to hear from you, E.


When we understand that 1. bodhisattvas spend their lives manifesting in all sorts of forms to connect with sentient beings and to perfect their virtues on their path to enlightenment; and 2. If we’re not clairvoyant we can’t tell who a bodhisattva is, then we’ll develop the view, as the lamas put it,that we don’t know who anyone is, so don’t judge.”


With this view, the entire world appears differently. We’ll see things like bad behavior and good behavior: they’re facts. But because we can’t see their minds, we’ll leave it there and not judge.


So, assuming this person is a monk and he tells people that he has taken a drug, which you’re assuming breaks one of his vows, and assuming you’ve actually decided he is one of your lamas, then you need to see his actions as a teaching for you.


If you haven’t decided he is one of your lamas, then you should be cautious.


If he’s not a monk, and he doesn’t have a vow in relation to intoxicants, then I can’t see a problem.



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