Start to acknowledge the wonderful parts of yourself

Apr 22, 2019

QUESTION Dear Robina, I have just started listening to you. I’m a mother of four and grandmother of seven. 

My youngest son, who still lives with me at 24, suffers severe depression. This has taken a great toll on me. I am so desperately unhappy; I just want to die. I feel I’ve fulfilled all I need to in this life and can’t understand when I have friends dying of cancer at 40 and 58 and yet here I am still going. I’m 72 this year. I am hoping by listening to all of your YouTube clips and reading your books it will give me some purpose in life. When I heard that you never wanted children and the hassle that comes with being a wife and mother, I agreed with you whole heartedly. It’s the most ungrateful job in the world. I’m so glad I came across your literature and hope it will help me. Bless you.


VEN. ROBINA I’m so glad listening to the teachings helps you: that’s my sole wish! We really need to be able to see that we have such potential. We need optimism, don’t we? Well, you have every reason to be optimistic: you’re a human being; you have a good heart; you’re intelligent; you’ve lived a life of goodness and kindness. Amazing! I can’t stress that enough. The trouble is, we don’t see it. So keep moving, keep listening. Start to acknowledge these wonderful parts of yourself. You will see; your mind will change. I promise! And keep in touch, for sure. 

Much love, 


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