Q & A With Robina

Every week Ven. Robina answers questions from people around the world.

My husband denies my hard work

QUESTION Dear Venerable, How are you? It's been a while since we were in touch.  I have a particular question. My husband is a lovely fellow but there is something that is...

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We can have our cake and eat it too

  QUESTION Dear Venerable Robina,   Thank you for reading my message and I hope you are keeping very well.    I am struggling with the teaching from Lama Zopa...

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What is sadness?

  QUESTION Dear Venerable Robina,   First, thank you for your teachings. It was lovely to recite the Heart Sutra together and learn more about emptiness.   ...

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Should I save a dog?

  QUESTION Dearest Robina,   Hope you are well.   I’m hoping for some guidance.   I volunteer weekly at a dog pound, taking the dogs to a large exercise yard....

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