Learn to accept our uncalm mind

Jun 5, 2023


Hello Venerable,


I’ve been practicing for a while now. I started with a lot of enthusiasm and joy and ended up not being able to practice because my mind is still like a wild elephant in a china shop! 


And my mind went a bit crazy after I met Rinpoche!


I feel such a strong desire to practice but somehow I can’t figure out how to calm my mind. 


Any advice would be appreciated 






Dear A,


Maybe you can stop figuring out how to calm your mind. Maybe accept that that’s the way it is. Then learn from all the thoughts, keep doing your practice, and all the good results will come eventually!


And rejoice, rejoice, rejoice that you are practicing. 


Maybe the main problem isn’t your uncalm mind but your aversion to your uncalm mind. This is really a serious point. We are all like this. Our assumption is that somehow we’re a disaster because we haven’t controlled our mind.


Well, a controlled mind is what we get when we achieve single-pointed concentration – and that’s a way to go! So we need to be content with where we’re at. 


Also, if your mind “went crazy” soon after meeting Rinpoche, then it’s definitely all the dirt coming out. And we need to learn to be delighted about that. Better out than in!


What do you think?


Much love,




Hello Venerable,


I think you’re right about my aversion to my crazy mind. I have been unable or unwilling (not sure which) to face all the junk in it. I’ll figure it out eventually. 🙂


Thank you for always responding and offering advice and support. 



Keep moving, A. 


Remember that the nature of your mind is pure, no choice about it. That should give you courage to keep going.

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