I’m struggling to find employment

Jun 10, 2024


Dear Venerable,

I hope you’re doing well.

I attended your teachings during your recent visit. The topic on that occasion was “Karma and Afflictions” and this is exactly the reason why I have finally got the courage to contact you.

I’m really struggling to find employment. My savings are diminishing at a fast pace, so I knew the time had come for me to try again an alternative way to get some earnings. I trained in another career, but still no success.

I still go on with my Dharma practice. But my current financial situation is such that the need for me to get a job has become urgent.

Do you have any advice? I understand about karma, but I can’t see how to shift things.

I rejoice in your continuous efforts to guide us along the path and wish you keep on doing it for as long as possible.




Happy to hear from you, dear A!

I’m so sorry about your fruitless efforts to get a job.

As you say, you’re experiencing results of some past karma right now. One way to approach that is by doing the practice of the four opponent powers, in which you 1. regret the causes, which would be something like stealing — and it could be many many lives ago; 2. rely upon the Buddha and have compassion for those you’ve harmed; practice 3. the remedy, the recitation of the Varjasattva mantra and visualizing the purification; and 4. resolve to not do it again. That’s the essence of it.

Because if the causes aren’t purified, nothing can change. It can be very powerful psychologically to do this practice.

Do you know it?

Answer me that, and then we can discuss further.

Love to you,



Dear Venerable,

Thank you for your advice. I do know the practice.

It seems pretty logical that all my present obstacles of different kinds come from the ripening of past negative karmas created who knows when.

A smile was on my face when I read your message asking if I knew it. Actually, the holy Vajrasattva and me are old (good) friends! This was my first practice of Tibetan Buddhism and I learned of it by watching/listening to a video on your YouTube channel. It proves there should be also some positive seeds stored in my mental continuum… As Lama Zopa would have put it: thanks soooooo much, precious teacher, for your generous, compassionate, affectionate and wise care!

Rinpoche tirelessly stressed the importance of purification and being aware and preparing for death. Since I have plenty of spare time now, I’ve got the chance to follow this advice.

I’m considering doubling the time I spend daily on reciting Vajrasattva mantras. I would appreciate your opinion on how to intensify my purification daily activity during the coming months.

With sincere gratitude to you,



Dearest A,

I got your email: thank you. Apart from anything else I’m praying for your success!

And, yes, just perfect that you emphasize the purification practice: it removes obstacles, so helpful.

But also, it makes sense that one of the obstacles to receiving resources, getting jobs, etc., is the lack of generosity from the past, so consciously practice giving: even tiny amounts of money with a big pure motivation is fantastic, especially to your lamas’ projects, so something like one of Rinpoche’s projects. That would be excellent.

I remember when I worked for one of the centers in the 1990s and we got our first big donation, Rinpoche said, “This is the result of the director’s mandala offerings!”

So those as well!

Love to you, A,


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