I am so worried about my career

Apr 17, 2023



Dear Robina, 


I wonder if you could help me with some guidance or a new perspective on my problem. 


It has always been hard for me to get a job. I have studied for several years at the university, then I was unemployed for a while because I couldn’t get any job in my field. Eventually I had to move to another town where I got employment, I was really unhappy there for a couple of years, then I moved back, I got a temporary job then I changed few other jobs…


All in all I could not get what I wanted, I was unemployed again and in the end I decided to change field and enrolled for another few years of education at the university. I am in my last year now, I am happy with the change of field but I am constantly stressed that I will not find a job after and probably I will have to move again. 


It feels like a curse following me and I am extremely worried about the future. I wonder if there is some negative karma that I have and don’t know how to purify. At the same time I think of what I heard you often saying that reality is a reflection of what’s going on in the mind. 


How can I tackle this problem? I have all kinds of negative feelings related to this, like shame, guilt, hopelessness, despair, depression and so on. Most of my friends the same age have well paid jobs and reached a higher level in their career while I am still in school and I feel like I have lost at least a decade of my life… 


I hope you can give me some perspective on this issue. Thank you!


Looking forward to hearing from you!


Kindest regards,




Dearest N,


Thank you for telling me what’s going on.


It seems to me you’re doing really well. You’re very committed to your new studies and your new profession. I think the only thing missing is your confidence!


Please try to consciously cultivate confidence. There is no reason to feel guilty or hopeless: you’re doing so well! Try to be more realistic with yourself. 


You haven’t lost anything! You are learning every day, doing your best as a human being.


What do you think?






Dear Robina,


Thank you so much for taking the time to answer me and thank you for your wise words! Self-confidence is definitely an aspect that I will have to think of, though I find it hard to feel confident every time I get rejected from a job. 


I will think of your advice when my mind gets caught into negative emotions.


Warmest regards,




Dearest N:


The important thing is to persevere. Don’t give up! That really is the key to success.


You will find what you want, I promise. You have every reason to be confident.


Maybe you can recite the mantra of the Buddha Tara: she is all about confidence and optimism and success. Imagine you receive her blessings: om tare tuttare ture svaha. And here’s an audio file of me singing it.


Don’t give up, N, okay!


Much love




Dear Robina,


Your message went straight to my heart!! I am very much familiar with this mantra, I recited it before the birth of my child. I have it written on a piece of paper that I carry around everywhere I go and somehow completely forgot about it… Thank you for reminding me of the endlessly kind and beloved Tara!


Much love,


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