How to Help My Dying Cat

Jan 13, 2020


Hello, I need your support and advice regarding my cat at the end of life. My 17-year-old cat in the last stage of renal failure has not been drinking and eating for 36 hours. Sometimes she stays in front of her water bowl for a long time without having the capacity to drink. She is very thin and seems disoriented at times. I give her the mantra of the Medicine Buddha. I downloaded the 10 powerful mantras for the time of death. I say a few prayers.

Everyone tells me not to let her suffer but I hesitate to call the veterinarian to euthanize her. The vet doesn’t see the point in giving her morphine. What I want is for her mind to leave in peace. Apart from these few moments of disorientation, I do not have the feeling that she is suffering a lot but I am not in her mind. What can you advise me ? Can I make the decision to kill her?

Thank you so much



Good to hear from you, dearest J.

What you’re doing for your precious cat is the very best you can do! The main thing, the most import, the best, is that she HEARS the mantras. Play Medicine Buddha quietly near her all the time, day and night. The mantras will make her peaceful and bless her mind and bring the buddhas close to her, to protect her. For sure she will die peacefully and will take a good rebirth.

As Lama Zopa Rinpoche says, the time our loved ones, including our pets, need us is at the time of death because it’s then that the karmic seeds that causes the next life is triggered.

And because she loves and trusts you, she will feel safe and calm. Best not to give morphine; that makes the mind very strange. But give her other painkillers if you like. But it’s good that she conscious.

Do not worry. She is so lucky to have you!

Much love and prayers,


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