How to feed a bird that needs to eat live insects?

Apr 8, 2024



Tashi Delek, dear Robina! 


I was hoping to ask your advice regarding animals, please?


I volunteer at an animal sanctuary, and it is the most beautiful and wonderful experience.


There are some birds that are endangered and I would very much like to volunteer to help look after them as well.


My question is – these birds require to be fed live insects for their food. As a Buddhist, how can I do this? I do not want to kill any sentient being, or cause any suffering – so I’m so conflicted here!


I would be so grateful for your advice.


Thank you for your time. I am so grateful to have your teachings!

Y xxxx



Dearest Y,


Good to hear from you and wonderful you’re helping the precious animals!


I understand your dilemma. If it were me, I’d try my best to protect my own karma. If we’re not highly realized bodhisattvas, we simply can’t take the risk of creating the negative karma of killing.


So keep helping animals, but try to choose animals that don’t require you to kill other creatures for their dinner!


What do you think?


Love, and much rejoicing,




Dearest Robina,


Tashi Delek and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful and wise words. I am grateful.


I think this is such a sensible and wise solution. If I do harm any creature, I always recite a short Medicine Buddha mantra and ask for their swift and peaceful rebirth. I do the same as a paramedic for my patients that are dying or have died prior to our arrival, and all deceased animals that we may pass on the road each day.


With best wishes,



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