How to Be Brave in the Face of Anxiety

Feb 17, 2020



Very dear Robina, thank you.

I feel anxious every day, as soon as I open my eyes, the idea of the day, as soon as I have to do something specific, meet people, attend a meeting, or just go out from my house.

Anxiety, and not being able to speak face to face with others, especially my loved ones, has been at the bottom of my mind since I was little. And, the less I manage to overcome this stress, the more I worry.

All my life, I had to make extraordinary efforts for work and to raise my children and get out of it as best I could with human relationships.

When I had the chance to meet the teachings, things started to change, my mind to calm down and relationships became easier. Meditation and teachings teach me not to let my ego take over, since it is only me, the person responsible for what I live or bring to life for others.

I know that it is my mind that creates this anxiety and that it is through my mind, by disciplining it, that I can eliminate it. Especially since all these physical discomforts disappeared once the family meals had passed, a little treatment and having been able to return to the center in time to listen to you and see my friends who are residents there.

In short, I beg your pardon for all this display of thoughts and emotions; And just having seen and listened to you and the other teachers, I have regained all my morale and my will to progress and great confidence in my abilities.

I hope you are well and that your knee does not bother you too much.

Thank you and I embrace you with great affection




Dearest H:

Many thanks for your letter. I do understand what you say. 

I seems to me that you have the methods to help you, you use them well, and you are successful. So I think you need to keep remembering that you have the potential to change, and to keep identifying with that potential, not with the unhappy times.

The anxiety and fears, etc., are there, for sure. But you are doing such a good job with your practice! It’s clear that you’re making progress.

If you didn’t have your tools, then it’d be different.

The anxiety, the fears – all the dramas of daily life that we all experience – are so painful. But I think the main suffering is not knowing what to do about it. It’s like having a garden full of weeds and we have no idea that there are methods to fix it!

You have your tools, H, and you are using them beautifully. Rejoice, for sure!

So, continue your practice, one day at a time, keep moving, never give up, have confidence, have optimism, and know that you are progressing. 

Nothing changes overnight, we know that.

So, be brave, have courage, never give up. The results are showing! Never forget that.

“Being brave” means allowing all the crazy thoughts to be there — they will not go away overnight! It’s like you have some crazy neighbors next door who shout and yell. They won’t leave, we know that, so we have to learn to live with them.

Same with our thoughts. They do not define us, that is a certainty! So don’t be afraid of them, don’t keep wishing they would go away. It’ll be a while before that happens– just like the weeds; it takes time! Our virtuous, our goodness, our positive state of mind define us. They are who we really are. Keep remembering the flowers.

Keep moving, dearest H, never give up. You are doing beautifully!

Much love and prayers,




Very dear Robina,

Thank you for your answer very very much. I have confidence in you!





Much love to you, H!

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